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الاسم الأول Chiali
مدينة تايبيه
البلد الأصلي TW تايوان
البلد الحالي TW تايوان
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اللغة الأصلية EN English
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
ZT Chinese (Taiwanese)
ممارسة اللغة JA Japanese
FR French
DE German


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I am a Mandarin native speaker, who also speak Taiwanese. English is in my daily conversations,too. I was an English/Mandarin translator who equipped with a Master degree in Linguistics. Also, I am certified in teaching Mandarin issued by Taiwan government. In the past, I tutored history, biology to Taiwanese students from private schools in English.

horse riding, scuba diving , cooking, and playing Erhu (Chinese musical instrument ) are what I like most so far.

Now, I am looking for native French, Japanese or German speakers to swap what we acquired, with a regular practice pattern together.

🤗As for Mandarin, I can help you with different PinYin systems, ㄅㄆㄇㄈ, or IPA to start with.
😀As for English, I can help you in terms of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.
😅As for Taiwanese, …you've better never started trying …unless get your ears ready to differentiate 7-8 tones of a sound.

Thank you. 非誠勿試。For Sincerity Only.

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الاسم الأول Chiali
مدينة تايبيه
البلد الحالي TW تايوان
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