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Korean Conversation Community: KCC Calgary Alberta
Calgary, كندا
تمارس اللغات :  English, Korean
KCC (Korean Conversation Community) in Calgary (YYC), Alberta (AB, Alta.) is a great way to learn, study, practice, and exchange languages and cultures, while meeting other people face-to-face, in social tandem small-groups, in a mixed-methods interactive-activities class format, for free! At KCC, you can socialize, make new friends, and build a sense of local and global community spirit and belonging through international, multi-cultural conversation! We are open to anyone and everyone from all cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities/citizenships! KCC 친구들과 함께 언어를 배울 수 있는 모임으로, 언어교환뿐만이 아니라 다양한 문화 교류를 통해 새로운 친구들을 사귈 수 있어요. We have in-person sessions (if public health guidelines and local Calgary conditions allow)! Occasional online meetings are on Discord :D KCC’s past/former name is Korean Conversation Club.
Japanese Language Volunteer in Nagoya
Nagoya, اليابان
تمارس اللغات :  Japanese
We JLVN is a voluntary group to help people learn Japanese language, organized in 2015 in Nagoya city, Japan. We have the in-person classes in Nagoya on Saturdays twice a month, the Japanese conversation party at the bar once a month regularly, and sometimes events as well. Also, we give weekly classes online like Zoom and Discord. On Discord, we enjoy talking on voice chat whenever we want, and playing online games together like "Among Us", "Mahjong", and "Phasmophobia", etc. We have the event with the roleplays to practice speaking on Discord from time to time. [How to join the Discord server] 1) Click the following link. 2) Go to the channel #read-me and click the button "Japanese language learner" as the necessary role. *if you don't assign the necessary role, you can't see any class channels and you'll be kicked out after you shut down the app. 3) Please read #class-info to get the information about the classes. 4) In the channel #roles and click the buttons of the classes you want to get pinged with. *Without the class role, you can't see the class channels. 5) Come up to the voice channel at time of the class. If you have any problems on Discord, please let me know. I will help you. Looking forward to seeing you in class!
MSA and Classical Arabic
تمارس اللغات :  Arabic
This group is for people interested in Modern Standard Arabic(MSA) and Classical Arabic(fus7a). I intend to use this group as a place to help people get better at spoken and written Arabic (in MSA) and to learn about Classical Arabic via classical texts (like the Hadith and Quran and old Arabic poems). Please note that there will be an element of religion involved (the Quran and Hadith are primary Islamic texts), so if religion/Islam feels alien to you, it is better to find an Arabic community suited to a dialect. The activities of this group will include: - online meetups to speak MSA - streaming cartoons/movies that have MSA dialogue - any other suggested topic to help improve speaking/writing/listening We also have a Telegram channel now:
Nublado Language Exchange
Nubladoville, الولايات المتحدة
تمارس اللغات :  English, Spanish
Note: Everybody is welcome, but this group is intended for NATIVE speakers of English or Spanish. Hola a todos. Los invitamos a nuestro grupo de intercambio inglés/español. Ahí practicamos con texto y audio, cometemos errores, y nos ayudamos mutuamente con las correcciones. Este es el enlace de invitación.
English-Chinese exchange free online
Xi'an, الصين
تمارس اللغات :  English, Chinese (Mandarin)
This is a free online English-Chinese exchange club. Host, Jerry Deng, (邓逸扬), a polyglot who speaks Chinese/English/Spanish/French fluently. , new: basic Chinese class free online Note: Everybody is welcome, but this group is intended for NATIVE speakers of English or Chinese. We have a site that might help you learn Chinese, 这是一个公益组织,欢迎带朋友同学来参加活动,不单练英语。如果有时间,可以申请轮值主持/志愿者中文老师/助教。帮助他人,磨练自己。 the latest online event is listed and Wechat/WhatsAPP QR inside,
Let's talk about Japanese culture on zoom
Tokyo, اليابان
تمارس اللغات :  English, Japanese
Let's talk about Japanese culture in Japanese on zoom!
Tandem luso-alemão / portugiesisch-deutsch
Düsseldorf, ألمانيا
تمارس اللغات :  German, Portuguese
Hallo zusammen, wir sind eine noch recht neue Gruppe, die sich einmal im Monat trifft, um in entspannter Atmosphäre Deutsch bzw. Portugiesisch zu üben. Alle Sprachniveaus sind willkommen, wichtig ist nur, dass ihr eine der beiden Sprachen fließend sprecht und an der anderen Sprache Interesse habt. Wir freuen uns auf euch! Olá a todos, Somos um grupo relativamente novo que se reúne uma vez por mês para praticar alemão ou português em um ambiente descontraído. Todos os níveis linguísticos são bem-vindos, a única coisa importante é que você fale um dos dois idiomas fluentemente e tenha interesse no outro idioma. Até breve!
Frensh English Exchange
Rabat, المغرب
تمارس اللغات :  English, French
Hi my name is Somaya.I created this community to Bring together people that are interested either in improving their English or frensh language.We can come together in a group to discuss several topics using Zoom or google meet depends on the majority preferences in a group to discuss several topics .Feel free to join the community.I expect all members to be and act respectful .Thank you😊✨
Homework Help
Moscow, روسيا
تمارس اللغات :  English, Spanish
Hi! I am happy to help with your homework and assignments whenever I have time :) I always thought the world would be a better place if we all help each other a bit!
Online Language Exchange Events
Hello! I am looking for interesting events to practice languages. I am sharing here online language exchange events that may be interesting. If you find any other interesting events as well, let me know! 😉 Enjoy!