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اللغة الأصلية :  English
ممارسة اللغة :  Chinese (Mandarin)
Hi my name is Madison, and I am 23 years old living in Texas, USA. I am looking for a language partner who is interested in trading languages. I am specifically looking for someone who wants to trade Mandarin for English by using natural approach and TPRS methods :) If you are not familiar with these, I can give you information about them. Let’s have fun acquiring each other’s language! ☺️ I love music, writing, video games, poetry, cooking/baking, and watching movies! 你好,我叫Madison,今年23歲,住在美國德克薩斯州。我正在尋找有興趣交換語言的語言伙伴。我尤其希望找一個想用自然發展和TPRS 方法交換普通話和英語的伙伴:)如果你對這些不太熟悉,我可以給你一些相關的資訊。讓我們一起開心學習彼此的語言吧!☺️
اللغة الأصلية :  English
ممارسة اللغة :  Japanese
I started learning a long time ago. But I'm. Very out of practice
اللغة الأصلية :  English, Spanish
ممارسة اللغة :  Korean
Im a boy who likes what you like unless you dont like that in that case I hate everything you like. I have traveled all over japan by sleeping under bridges and without knowing the language. I wish to travel all over Korea by sleeping under bridges and knowing just a little. Also I can dance if that's something you are interested in learning over the phone. I'm friendly I think, so dont hesitate to call and tell me about your mom