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اللغة الأصلية :  Italian
ممارسة اللغة :  English, Filipino (Tagalog)
Hi everyone! My name is Annabel, I'm 26 and am a Filipino-Italian girl, born & bred in Italy. It's been one year since I graduated and I'm planning to continue my studies abroad. That's why I'd like to improve my English and become fluent. I'd also like to learn Tagalog, since is my mom's mother tongue. I love the Philippines and am very proud to be a half Filipina. I love travelling, getting in touch with other cultures and eating foreign foods as well! I'm also into psychology, art, music, books, photography, fitness and so on. I'm a native Italian speaker and would be glad to help you improve your italian skills, so feel free to contact me!
اللغة الأصلية :  Italian
ممارسة اللغة :  English
everybody! I’m camilla and i’m 19 years old. I live in Italy since I was born but one day I will move away. I will be happy to improve my English and help who desire with the Italian! I hope to be able to make friends with nice and authentic people, just like me! Bye