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اللغة الأصلية :  Spanish
ممارسة اللغة :  Russian, English
Hello!, I'd like to meet people from all around the world no matter what their native llanguage is; as long as we speak English. I also don't mind talking with begginers or natives. I think we all benefit from just practicing. Skype or even whatsapp would be great. Hope to see you around! PS: what about me? well I love listening to music, almost any genre and Im also a little geek (I love scifi series and books). I am Spanish but currently living in Argentina, I am HAM RADIO hobbyist, I work as a programmer since 2015 and I am a human being (sometimes you have to point that out) anything else, just ask me privately =')
اللغة الأصلية :  Spanish
ممارسة اللغة :  English
Soy argentina, ya jubilada con muchas actividades por hacer pero me gustaría practicar mi inglés para entenderlo y hablarlo mejor en u a conversación . Vivo en Bariloche, una ciudad entre montañas y lagos de la Patagonia argentina.
اللغة الأصلية :  English, Spanish
ممارسة اللغة :  French
Hi!! My name is Gabriela, I practice Ashtanga yoga, love to read, meet people from around the world and have deep conversations about life. I would love to have someone to practice my French with and I can help with English or Spanish. Don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to have deep conversations while having fun practicing a new language :)
اللغة الأصلية :  Spanish
Buscando aprender nuevas lenguas! XD Hablo Español de forma nativa pero me interesa aprender o practicar idiomas como : Inglés Ruso Chino Japonés Frances -------------------------+++++------------------------ Looking to learn new languages! XD I speak Spanish natively but I am interested in learning or practicing languages ​​such as: English Russian Chinese Japanese French -------------------------+++++------------------------ Желаю изучать новые языки! XD Я говорю по-испански, но мне интересно изучать или практиковать такие языки, как: Английский Русский китайский язык Японский Французский
اللغة الأصلية :  Spanish
ممارسة اللغة :  English, Italian
Hello, everybody, my name is Maria Paz, from Argentina, working in tourism in Bariloche, Patagonia. I would like to improve my skills in english and italian , although I speak them fluently, I´d like to expand my bocabulary and slangs, in exchange, I can help with spanish, so we can share ideas, culture an so more. I like outdoor activities, nature , photography and enjoy a good meal with family or friends. I look foward to hear from you. Cheers!
اللغة الأصلية :  English
ممارسة اللغة :  Spanish
Hello! ¡Hola! My name is Ewan and I am looking in improve my Spanish with conversation practice whilst I am in Bariloche. I am a native English speaker but my Spanish is currently very, very poor. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee sometime and get practicing :-) E